Why Pure Cotton is Perfect for Summers

Why Pure Cotton is Perfect for Summers


The temperature is reaching an all time high, and to tackle that, we as humans take many measures, one of which is using cotton clothes. It is a great option during the summer. In this blog post, we will be looking at the reasons that make cotton a desirable option for the summer season. Let's explore together:



It is a breathable fabric, meaning it allows breeze to flow around your body. This circulation of air keeps the body cool and comfortable throughout the day. That's why our cotton kurtas will be ideal for you. 


Absorption rate

Unlike other fabrics, cotton absorbs sweat very quickly, which in turn keeps our body dry. 


Lightweight nature

You will feel like your dress has become one with you, if it's a cotton one. The lightweight nature of cotton makes it the best option for summers. From casual to designer wear, we have different options for you in cotton that will make you feel stylish and comfortable.



Even after daily washing and drenching in sweat, the fabric remains durable for a long time. Because of its durability, it is also a cost-effective option. 


At Kahani Lush, we have different options to choose from. Be it cotton kurtas or co-ords, we have everything that a girl needs to slay and shine during the scorching summer. Each piece that we craft is an embodiment of the love and care that we have for our dear customers. Shop from our collection, to empower your summer style game and set the fashion industry ablaze with your great choices. 


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