This International Women's Day, Let's Become Fashionably Stylish

This International Women's Day, Let's Become Fashionably Stylish

Fashion and style are often used interchangeably, but their respective meanings are quite distinct from each other. Fashion refers to the prevailing trends, designs, and aesthetics within the clothing industry at any given time, whereas style encompasses all the unique ways used by individuals to express themselves. In the words of the famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta- "Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable; style is more about being yourself". For instance, when you buy kurta sets for women, do you pick what's fashionable or what makes you feel happy and excited while wearing them? This blog will help you answer. This International Women's Day, let's celebrate the essence of womanhood by embracing fashion and style in our own unique way without the fear of being judged but with the elation of being empowered.




Fashion is What the World Wants You to Wear


Fashion is akin to a constantly shifting canvas, influenced by runway trends, celebrity endorsements, cultural zeitgeists and, in India, movies, too. Fashion, being ever-evolving, is always brimming with experiments and ideas that can be a fleeting fad or something that lingers through generations. We, Indian women, have always had a penchant for fusion wear like co-ords, kurtas and pants, sarees with jackets, and dresses. Whether you buy dresses for women online or anything else, there are options to explore and trends to discover. How about blending the traditional elegance with contemporary flair?   

Style is What You Want To Wear


Style is something deeply personal. It emanates from within, reflecting your personality, values and cultural influences. It is the art of curating outfits that resonate with your unique individuality and make you feel happy about just being you.



Style helps you celebrate your uniqueness and find strength and happiness in it. Style is elegance wrapped in confidence. When you buy dresses for women online, you don't see the celebrities or models wearing them, but your own reflection in that dress, and how it will shape your happiness and comfort, the accessories you would like to add and how you would like to carry it. Style lets you carve your identity with that dress.


Kahani Lush - The Intersection of Fashion and Style


On this Women's Day, let us embrace the beautiful combination of fashion and style, recognising the fact that both play integral roles in shaping our identities. While fashion allows us to experiment and explore new trends, style empowers us to carve out our own distinct niche in the narrative. Kahani Lush, the epitome of Indian fusion wear, is a testament to the creativity of style and versatility of fashion.



As Indian women, our love for Indo-western styles makes us buy kurta sets for women in variations of co-ords, tunic and pant sets, kurta with trendy palazzos, etc., to stand out as unique in our style and still imbibe our traditional avatar. Kahani Lush brings you its entire range that is stylish yet affordable, inclusive yet versatile. Celebrate your individuality with our exclusive range today! Special Women's Day offer - Flat 30% off + 10% on pre-paid orders. 

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