Patriotic Enthusiasm - Set the Tone for Republic Day

Patriotic Enthusiasm - Set the Tone for Republic Day

Our passionate love for our motherland is mainly hidden within us. With Republic Day around the corner, reminding us of love for our nation and igniting a sense of patriotism, it's time to display our emotions in our actions, words, and attire. Our national flag, the symbol of India's unity, strength, and diversity, manifests its colours in our thinking and understanding. Imbibing its colours on ourselves for our national festival is a great way to show devotion and pride towards our country. This web blog shall delve into apparel ideas to set the tone for the 26th of January, besides giving you an understanding in case you have to buy kurta sets for women.


  • The Sacred Spirit of Saffron


The shade is symbolic of courage and sacrifice. Saffron or orange hue forms the classic dress code for our national festivals. On Republic Day, you can adorn this colour as a co-ord or kurta set; even a long dress would look great. Additionally, an orange saree or skirt top set would be a great pick too.


  • The Pious Purity of White


Indian traditional wear in white is the most subtle way to signify the universal need for peace, purity, and honesty. Ensembles in white, such as co-ords or kurta salwar/ churidar or pant sets, sarees, or lehenga skirts, can elevate the patriotic vibe around us and the solemnity of our national festival.

  • The Glimmering Green of Fertility


Symbolising prosperity, green-coloured ensembles offer an undeniable charm and brightness that syncs with our national fervour. Various options exist, from singularly green co-ords, anarkalis, skirts, and suits to sarees. You can even buy kurta sets for women online in green.


Embracing the Amalgamation of the Tri-colour


  • Patriotic Palazzos with Kurta Set

Palazzos or pants with a kurta can provide the perfect canvas for showcasing the tricolour theme. Pairing a solid-coloured kurta in white with a palazzo or pants in green or saffron will offer comfort without compromising style. Adding a tricolour dupatta or stole can give you the perfect chic and patriotic look.

  • Dupatta Dazzle

If you seek luxury and buy designer clothes for women, you can still make your outfit Republic-Day-ready by simply incorporating a tri-coloured dupatta in the same fabric as the rest of your ensemble. In fact, pairing a plain kurta and bottoms with a dupatta featuring the Indian flag's vibrant colours allows you to display your patriotism without any investment.

  • Accessorise with Pride

You can enhance your patriotic look with accessories that reflect the Indian vibe. Choosing jewellery, bangles, or hair accessories in a tricolour scheme can accentuate the spirit of the occasion.

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