International Women's Day: Give a Woman the Right Style, and She Will Rule the World

International Women's Day: Give a Woman the Right Style, and She Will Rule the World

As we approach International Women's Day, it's time to reflect on the incredible and indomitable spirit of women worldwide. When our spirits are set free, our courage knows no bounds; we have the power to change the world. Our success lies in the strength of our dreams, the passion of our desires, and the willpower in our actions. Physical appearance may be irrelevant to our endeavours, but it does make a huge difference in confidence. Someone has rightly pointed out, "Give a Woman the Right Style, and She will Rule the World." The present world of social media only emphasises it further! Let's be realistic and practical; the right dress transforms not only our looks but our entire outlook toward life. On this Woman’s Day, let's talk unapologetically about looking great and discuss tips to buy women's clothes online in India, just as like-minded best friends would.


What can make you look simply amazing?


Whatever you wear, remember that the outfit should make you feel the three Cs: comfortable, confident, and cheerful. Think of the following when you pick your clothes- 


  • Body Shape


We are free to choose our clothes and everything else in our lives. However, certain styles look better on us than others. We can be pear, apple, or hourglass; curvy, petite, tall, or somewhere in between; a few silhouettes add more grace than others. For instance, fitted dresses can look great on an hourglass body type, and flowy or maxi variants look just amazing on a full-figured woman. When you buy dresses for women online, you may check the fabrics too; organza and tissue add volume to your body, whereas satin, silk, and georgette give a slimming effect.


  • Personal Tastes and Preferences


Your personality strongly defines your fashion taste. Forget about people judging your style sense or if it is far from the latest trends; simply be true to yourself. Let your inner self reflect in your attire and be proud of being the best version of yourself.


  • Dress for the Occasion


Consider the occasion, situation, and circumstances, and choose your clothes accordingly. Whether heading to a formal event, a casual outing, or to your office, make sure your outfit is appropriate for the purpose. However, when you buy women's clothes online in India, there are a few wardrobe staples: a floral dress for a summer outing, a brightly printed co-ord set for a day occasion, and an intricately embroidered skirt and top for looking festive.


What are other things that make you feel stylish and exude confidence?


  • Attitude- Carrying an attitude and throwing it around is definitely not stylish. Being humble yet firm, knowledgeable yet polite, is what makes your style unique.


  • Gait- The way you walk speaks volumes about confidence and style. With your head held high, a straight back, and a soft, happy expression, you already look stylish and poised.


  • Accessories- Even if you buy dresses for women online that are designer masterpieces, they will not do full justice to your look without the right accessories. Adding timepiece earrings, a stylish bag, and comfortable footwear to your outfit can give your personality a polished look. A tiny accessory such as a nose pin or even a smart hat can make you absolutely striking.


  • A Happy Heart- Happiness within is happiness out. A generous smile transcending your day-to-day behaviour spreads its aura around and makes everything joyful and beautiful.


  • Experimenting- Change is the only constant. Keep discovering yourself time and again.


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