Co-ords To Remain a Thriving Trend for the Coming Few Years

Co-ords To Remain a Thriving Trend for the Coming Few Years

Are you bored of the quintessentially done-to-death denim and a white tee or floral skirt with a cotton top as your go-to summer outfit? Are dresses and jumpsuits no longer your comfort attire? If yes, it's time to welcome co-ord sets into your wardrobe. This summer staple is gradually becoming the fastest-selling attire for women. When you shop women's clothing online, you will be delighted to find co-ords in bright, happy colours, printed or plain. You might be apprehensive about investing in them, thinking it could just be a fad, but no, co-ord sets are here to stay. This web blog will give never-before-listed reasons why co-ords will remain a thriving trend for the coming years. 


  • A Welcoming Shift from Fitted Fashion

Move out skin-tight styling that shows off your handles and accentuates your not-so-beautiful bulges. Co-ord sets elegantly hide all those and make you look confident and chic.  


  • Mix-n-Match Elbowed Out

Using contrasting colours of the lower and upper is so passe. The strong mix-n-match ideas are no longer considered elegant. It's time to break free from them and instead buy co-ord sets for women that are in the same colour and print. A perfectly co-ordinated set can make you look seamlessly stylish and subtly fashionable. 


  • Fuss-Free Fashion 

Co-ords provide a cohesive and seamless look and, at the same time, make you look dressy and smart. When dressing up well and being spaced out for time are stressing you out, you can simply throw a stylish co-ord, pair them with heels and danglers, add a sling bag, and there you are, ready to turn heads. You may prefer solid colours or bold prints; choose pastel shades or bright hues; you will stand out confidently.  


  • Layering Was Never So Easy

When you shop women's clothing online, you will see layering as a sought-after fashion trend for its visual appeal and practical functionality. Co-ords offer flexibility when it comes to adding layers of clothing or accessories to your outfit. This way, it's easy to adapt to fluctuating temperatures and a quick fix when switching from day style to evening wear.  


  • Co-ordinated Dressing for all Occasions

Putting your best stylish foot forward can be effectively done with co-ords. It is easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. Whether going out on a casual date or a day out with a friend, pairing a cotton co-ord with casual footwear can make you chic and comfortable. It can be a tunic with straight pants, a matching skirt and top or a co-ordinated kurta-pant set. Similarly, you can buy co-ord sets for women that are embellished, embroidered, and in rich fabrics like silk, organza, and chiffon to suit formal and festive occasions. 


  • Best Inclusive Fashion 

Co-ords bring inclusivity. They are suitable for all body shapes and sizes and also for all age groups. Teenagers to young adults and middle-aged to older generations can enjoy the perfectly matched elegance. Besides, all body shapes, from hourglass and pear-shaped to apple or straight figures, can do justice to the comprehensive style of co-ordinated sets. 


The Lazy Dresser in You Can Relax and Still Look Stylish with Kahani Lush Co-ords

Co-ords are a minimalistic yet fashionable way to stay stylish and comfortable. Kahani Lush offers co-ords for all tastes, fashions, moods, and occasions. We use sustainable fabrics that are durable and offer versatility. Our co-ords are designed keeping in mind the women of today, imbibing their independence and practicality. Explore our exclusive range to buy co-ord sets for women today!

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